10 “Must Read” Books for Small Business Owners – Revised & Expanded!

2 May

business books imageTo be an entrepreneur means being a lifetime learner. So here is my (revised and expanded) list of essential reads for every small business owner – whether you are a first-timer or a serial entrepreneur:

  1. The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau – Demonstrates how to find meaning and purpose by committing to a life-changing project or quest (or starting a business) and explains how to find fulfillment through physical journeys, artistic enterprises, philanthropic endeavors or political activities.
  2. Grit by Angela Duckworth – “One characteristic emerged as a significant predictor of success. And it wasn’t social intelligence. It wasn’t good looks, physical health, and it wasn’t IQ. It was grit.”
  3. The Startup Checklist by David Rose – A thoughtful and comprehensive checklist to help launch a new business (or to kick-start your existing business).
  4. Little Bets by Peter Sims – Little bets are a low-risk way to explore, develop and test an idea.
  5. A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink – Why it’s important for business owners to engage both the left-brain (sequential, textual, literal, analytic, and logical) and the right-brain (simultaneous, contextual, metaphorical, aesthetic, and affective).
  6. Messy by Tim Harford – Learn about the unexpected connections between creativity and mess; understand why unexpected changes of plans, unfamiliar people, and unforeseen events can help generate new ideas and opportunities as they make you anxious and angry; and come to appreciate that the human inclination for tidiness – in our personal and professional lives, online, even in children’s play – can mask deep and debilitating fragility that keep us from innovation.
  7. Contagious by Jonah Berger – Discover how six basic principles can help your business idea spread and stick.
  8. Raising Capital by Andrew J. Sherman – The A to Z guide on options for funding.
  9. Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher, William L. Ury and Bruce Patton – The classic guide to effective negotiations by creating win-win situations.
  10. Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris – My daily inspiration with tools and tricks of the trade for whatever situation you face.

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